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YouTbe [YouTube ] – What Is It For, Its Features And Funtions

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YouTbe [YouTube]

YouTbe [youtube] is a platform through which you can play videos, upload content to your channel, and interact with other users through likes, sharing, or comments”.

The YouTbe is a reference channel for millions of users to create content. Which can used on computers, mobile devices, and tablets. It has been with Google since 2006.

What Is Youtube For

Youtube [youtbe] is used, in its purest essence, to upload and watch videos. Anyone with a computer or a smartphone can record something and post it on this website to access and see. This facility has caused many companies to turn their gaze towards it since it allows them to publish videos where they inform about their products, their services, their promotions, or even their philosophy.

YouTube Features

These are the most outstanding options of this channel:

  • It is one of the most visited sites globally, only surpassed by Google. Being the second most used search engine.
  • Creating an account on YouTbe [youtube] is free. From there, videos can uploaded through the menu that may be available to the public or private, depending on their objective.
  • You can customize the channel by choosing a header for it, however, including social networks in it, and creating playlists within the channel itself to have better usability and access the videos related by themes. For example: if I have a cooking channel, I can create several lists such as vegan cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, sugar-free pastries . in such a way that the corresponding videos will include within each one of them.
  • If you require to monetize the channel, you can include advertising in the videos as long as YouTbe requirements previously met. In this way, an advertising cut will appear at the beginning of each one of them. Many companies use this form of advertising because they know the scope of visits from this platform. However, many users complain about how intrusive and annoying these advertising messages can be. Vimeo is a platform for uploading videos that do not allow this option, and it is more comfortable for viewing in these cases.
  • It allows you to upload content of 15 minutes. Although it can always extend if you choose to monetize the account by uploading videos with a longer duration.
  • You can share the videos accessible to the whole public or have the option of doing it privately to pass the link only to the people you want to view that content.
  • Downloading videos is simple since, through various programs, you can include the link for it and proceed to get the video. One of the disadvantage of this platform is security since it is not its strong point.
  • It has become an excellent portal for doing business. As a result of this channel, the famous YouTuber responsible for creating thematic channels and recording videos. To get followers and sponsorship of brands has come to the fore.
  • To promote a channel, the ideal is to choose a subject that mastered, take care of the videos’ design, frequently publish content, and interact with the followers. In such a way, there is always a call to action to participate actively. Which entails the attention of other users interested in their recommendations. In addition, using the rest of social networks to disseminate the videos will be a plus so that they reach more public.
  • We can also convert youtube video in mp4 by youtube converter to mp4

What Functions Are Behind Youtube

Search and play videos

The number of videos on the platform makes YouTube[youtbe] one of the main forms of entertainment today.

With a great thematic variety: from video games to movie trailers or opinion channels, therefore, you can search and watch content about what you like the most.

Create a YouTube channel

If you love talking to the camera, and you think you have the wood to create content, YouTube is perfect for you.

They put the platform, and you put their content and copyrights. You can upload videos, broadcast live, make premieres, create a community. Chat live and, if you grow up, end up earning money.

Subscribe to other channels.

The favorite phrase of ‘YouTubers’ before saying goodbye to you in a video is, “Don’t forget to subscribe.”

It is a very interesting function to be aware of your channels of interest and allow YouTube[youtbe] to notify you of a new video. Whenever you want, you can hit the “unsubscribe” button.

Interact with other videos

From your account, you will see other videos, write comments about them. like or dislike them, as you see fit, or share the content on websites or social networks.

This will help other channels to grow both in visits and in video playback and visits.

Create your video library

Within your channel, you can organize yourself; however, you want not to miss any content.
From creating your playlists to saving videos to “watch later,” review your history or have it in your favorites.

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