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Xname Xname PDF

PDF stands for portable document format. It used to a format that serves to files on a computer. A way that said representation is independent of the system operating (Windows, OS X, Linux), software program, and computer equipment (PC, Mac, Tablet).

Each PDF file is a complete representation of a document, including graphics, text, and styles. It also defines other characteristics of the document, such as security elements, restrictions, etc. A PDF file can also contain multimedia elements (video and audio), links to web pages, and bookmarks on the same page.

PDF defined by the company Adobe Systems, releasing its first version in 1993 and maintaining control over the format until 2008, is the year in which PDF released as an open standard. Since then, it is available for commercial implementations without the need for royalties.

Many government sites have this PDF file size limitation, so you cannot upload PDF files with a file size that exceeds a certain limit. This gives a person only one option: compress the PDF and reduce the PDF file size. but how do you do that?

Types of PDF

Every type of PDF has a different specification


PDF / X used for documents with images. It is a PDF file but with special characteristics, among others:

  • The use of transparency is allowed.
  • The typography information ( fonts ) must included in the document.
  • It cannot contain multimedia elements (video or audio).
  • It should not contain shapes.
  • Contains additional operators that define the bleed and crop area.
  • The file contains a description of the expected print quality.


PDF / A used for the digital preservation of electronic documents. This means that documents using this type of PDF avoid elements that put the risk of long-term storage of a document in its entirety; In other words, this format avoids the use of external elements that at a given moment could disappear, for example when using typography from external sources, these could disappear and, therefore, these documents choose to keep the typography information in the document itself. The use of javascript, multimedia, cryptography, references to external content, and the use of XML forms are not allowed in this subset of PDF.
This type of PDF, by forcibly requiring the inclusion of all the information for the full reproduction of a document, has the disadvantage of being larger than a normal PDF.


PDF / E is a format used for engineering related documents, specifically documents used in geomatics, construction, and manufacturing flows.
This format has the benefits of providing a compact and precise medium for printing engineering documents, support for notes and comments, the inclusion of data related to the content, and the benefits related to security and portability that a PDF has.


PDF / VT is a format published in 2010 to create a format optimized for a variable, and transactional printing (hence VT), which is clearer terms, means incorporating modern concepts of word and image processing.

Variable document printing generates individualized pages, allowing you to customize a document for each recipient. This can used for documents that vary based on geographic location or demographic information.

Transactional printing produces records of purchase, account, or other transactions, such as invoices and account statements. If marketing messages includ in the transactional document, the combination called transactional-promotional.


PDF / UA a format published in 2012. UA stands for universal accessibility, which means that these documents have definitions that allow them to read by people with disabilities and use assistive technologies.

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