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What is WWW And How does WWW work?
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What is WWW And How does WWW work?

What is WWW?



The World Wide Web, known as the Web, is a system of hypertext documents linked to each other accessible through browsers.

The World Wide Web, generally known as the Web, is a system of linked hypertext documents accessible over the Internet. Using a program known as a Web browser, you can view pages that can contain text, images, streaming media such as video or music, and almost any modern-day multimedia element.

One of the great successes of the system was the connection between the pages through hyperlinks. This allows for a non-linear walk-through between documents, known as navigation.

How and When was the WWW invented?

The World Wide Web or www was born in the early 1990s at CERN. This European Organization for Nuclear Research has in Geneva, Switzerland, the largest particle physics research laboratory.

Its creator was Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist who worked on an internal communication project at CERN itself. During development, he realized that the system could extended to the entire world. The idea was to use hypertext, which already existed, to link documents in a network of nodes, so that the user could decide how to navigate between them.

The first name for this system was mesh, which is to say “network of nodes.” Berners-Lee used a NeXTcube as a server and wrote his browser, which was also an editor. With these tools, he set up the first web pages that, naturally, explained the project itself.

The World Wide Web kept in a very limited scope until 1993 when the free use of the Web was allowed, and Mosaic, the first graphical browser, appeared, which was also an editor to create web pages. In 1994 an evolution of Mosaic became Netscape Navigator.

How does WWW work?

The idea at the bottom is simple. Each document has an identifier (or locator) known as a URL. This identifier includes the service used (FTP, HTTP, etc.), the machine where it located, and a file name on that machine. Now we are trying to incorporate a higher level identifier, which does not include the machine it is on so that it can have replicas of the most popular documents in a transparent way for the user.

Using a URL, the client contacts the server machine and asks to transfer the document to him. In the fact of the HTTP service, the document may contain other URLs inside, which are links to other documents, potentially on other servers. Hence the name cobweb (in fact, one of the problems to be solved is the enormous amount of hanging links or pointers to non-existent documents).

A basic principle of the protocol is that the documents only have the content, not how to display it, depending on the client. In this way, the content (on the server) is separated from the presentation (on the client), allowing clients for platforms as diverse as Windows, Mac, X-Windows, or ASCII terminals.

A document made up of multiple objects, such as text, URLs, images, etc. Each object has a type associated with it (which passed along with the object). If the client has a driver associated with that type (in other words, it knows how to display it), then it uses it for it. If you don’t have the driver, ignore the content of that object.

A special type of object is the form that allows the user to ask to fill in certain areas of the document with text, to transmit it back to the server. This allows searching, completing data, etc.


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