Top 3 Mag Pouches of 2021

There are several types of gun pouches available in the market each and every pouch has its own advantages and disadvantages however the question arises in between as of which gun pouch is the best among all of other gun pouches. Today in this article I will recommend you 3 top mag carrier that can satisfy your needs.

Gizmoway Gun Pouch.

If you are searching for a mag carrier which helps you to hold a gun on the ankle than I would like to prefer you gismoway gun pouch.

Gismoway is an ankle holster which is used to hold a gun on your ankle it has been made with the breathable and durable band. It has been designed in such a way that it will never lose its shape, all types of compact and semi compact guns can be very easily fit into this holster. In this holster you can also put j frame revolvers such as the smith and wesson 642, made with a flexible withholding band along with a clip loop that will helps to hold a gun properly for a long period of time as it will keep your gun remaining safe in the holster. This mag pouch also has two extra mag pouch for emergency.

TACO Mollee Gun Pouch.

Double open top type that can be ejected silently.

The elastic cord is woven so that the width can be adjusted independently. It has a high fixing force and can prevent the magazine from leaking out, so it is recommended for those who want to actively rotate.

Because it can be ejected silently, it is also attractive and easy to use even when there are enemies nearby. It is also convenient to store flashlight and other tools.

JETEDC Gun Pouch.

It is made with a pocket that can store the smartphone

It is made of lightweight and durable fabric, which has excellent water system. It has many pockets and is capable of storing smartphones and small items simultaneously in addition to the gun. It is relatively inexpensive and easily available, so it is perfect for beginners. There were also reviews on the EC site that rated it as well-made and just the right size.

How to Choose the Best Gun Pouch?

As everyone knows that a gun pouch is used to protect a gun from any damage or also restrict a gun to do any undesirable movement therefore we should be very careful when choosing a gun pouch that is why it is important to note that before choosing a gun pouch these things should be taken into the consideration:

  1. How much flexible a gun pouch is to keep a gun.
  2. How fast you can remove your gun from the pouch.
  3. How fast can you put a gun into the pouch.
  4. The noise level should also be taken into the consideration while choosing a gun pouch.
  5. Also choose the pouch after checking that whether your gun can be easily fits into the pouch which you are going to buy or not.

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