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Software is seen as the logical and intangible equipment of a computer. In other words, the concept of software encompasses all computer applications such as word processors, spreadsheets, image editing programs, audio and video game players, and many others.

The programming

The software is advanced using various programming languages ​​that make it possible to control the behavior of a machine. These languages ​​consist of symbols and syntactic and semantic rules that define the meaning of their elements and expressions.

A programming language enables software programmers to specify precisely what data a computer should work.

Software types

Among the kinds of software, one of the most significant is the system software, or essential software, enabling the user to control the hardware (physical components) and support other computer programs. The essential software consists of so-called operating systems that start working when the computer switch on.

Software is a computer term that refers to a computer program or series of programs and the data, procedures, and guidelines that enable various tasks to perform on a computer system.

This term commonly used to refer to the programs on a computing device very generally. However, the software covers everything that is not visible in a computer system.

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Software Types

In general, various types of software can identify according to use or benefit:

  • System software
  • Programming software
  • Application software
  • and also, Malicious or malicious software

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