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Ideas That Will Fix Your Sluggish Mac Performance

Having a sluggish Mac book can become quite a bit of a problem. Some people rely on their computer to do work, and the flow is disrupted easily if there are constant instances of stuttering and crashing.

Macs are known for their reliability, but even they are bound to underperform after some time. Especially if you did not bother to take proper care of it from the beginning. 

There is no reason to think that buying a new computer is the only solution, though. There are still plenty of things you can do to improve the performance of your current Macbook. Look at the ideas below and create a solid strategy.

Idea #1 – Get Rid of Junk Data

Junk data like temporary backups and app extensions are something you need to remove on a regular basis. They can be a real hindrance and slow down the system. The sheer number of these files should not be underestimated.

You can get a cleanup utility tool or remove junk files manually. The former option is more convenient as it does the work automatically. Meanwhile, manual work would require tinkering with the system settings. Backups will also be necessary as there is a chance of deleting something important accidentally. 

Idea #2 – Free up Drive Space

Lack of disk space is common for Mac users, especially those who have an SSD instead of HDD. You can look for some app removers that will help to get rid of stuff like redundant downloads, language pack files, email attachments, and other junk.

On the other hand, you would also benefit from transferring some data to external storage devices and clouds. Lastly, streaming services could help with large media files, as you would not have to keep those on the computer. 

Idea #3 – Disable Visual Effects

A backlit keyboard or Dock opening animations offer no real value. These visual effects are consuming battery life and other system resources. You would be better off disabling them. Be a more pragmatic person, and do not bother with visual effects. 

Idea #4 – Optimize Internet Browser

There are times when internet browsers cause the most problems in terms of performance. The computer itself is doing fine, but the situation changes as soon as you start to surf the internet.

An overabundance of extensions and plugins is one of the most common causes. Installing too many extensions puts a strain on the browser, so be more wary of what you add. Clearing caches regularly should also help a lot.

If the problem persists, consider switching to a new browser. Or maybe use services like virtual private networks that allow you to browse anonymously? There are quite a few available options. The more you explore, the higher the odds of you finding the best solution.

Idea #5 – Manage Background Applications

Some background applications have to be present all the time. Antivirus software is a good example. It protects the system from potential cybersecurity threats. 

On the other hand, some processes can be redundant. Look at the Activity Monitor and sort apps by memory or GPU usage. You could be surprised by the results. 

Quite a few Macbook users do not pay enough attention and forget about some applications that they have installed. And on top of that, these apps launch with each computer start. They end up running in the background.

You need to trim the list. Figure out which applications can be removed or replaced. The goal is to free up system resources so that the computer has more breathing room. Doing so will ensure that there are improvements to the performance of your Mac.

Idea #6 – Declutter Desktop

A cluttered desktop is not something that you should have in the first place. Files need to be in proper locations instead of the desktop. Each icon on the Macbook’s desktop will consume resources. Not to mention all the rendering that occurs when you switch between tabs.

In case you are afraid of failing to find your most important files, worrying about this should not be on the agenda. There is a search function that will help with the problem.

Idea #7 – Remove Filth From Inside

Dirt and dust that you find inside the computer accumulate quite fast. Waiting for the issue to get out of hand is never recommended. You need to remove all that filth as soon as the internal fans start to make really loud noises. Or if the computer is overheating. Do not end up in a position where your Mac’s internal hardware was damaged because you neglected to remove dust and dirt from the inside. 

Idea #8 – Install System Updates

Be sure to click on the update button as soon as there is a new version of the OS. Staying up-to-date and running the most recent version means that you have the most optimal setup: stability, security, and the overall performance peaks when your system is updated.

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