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3 Fixes For Your Slow Internet With These Networking Options

Most people forget about their routers until their internet goes down or their speeds slow down so much it becomes unusable. But if you’ve troubleshooted your internet until you couldn’t troubleshoot anymore and still haven’t found relief from your slow internet speeds, it might be your hardware. Here are three fixes for your slow internet that don’t take a tech expert to implement but will need some extra love in the hardware department. Let’s dive right in!

1. Set Up A Mesh Network

If upgrading and relocating your Wi-Fi router doesn’t solve your dead zones, a mesh network might be right for your family. Mesh Wi-Fi systems come in a package of two to three devices including a router and one or two satellites or nodes. Sometimes a system will omit the router and give an additional satellite instead assuming the end user has a router that’s mesh capable. They are designed so that each component of the system can all work together within one wireless network, so you’ll only have one network to worry about. Mesh Wi-Fi systems are superior to ordinary range extenders and repeaters because the nodes can talk to the router and to one another rather than simply rebroadcasting the signal.

However, if you decide that a mesh Wi-Fi system is for you a new system will cost you from $200 and up. With mesh network systems, they get pricey fast depending on the number of satellites or nodes you need.

2. Hardwire In Whenever Possible

At the end of the day, no matter how fast your Wi-Fi is, your Wi-Fi is only as fast as your router will deliver it. When you directly plug in your ethernet cable into your device, you’re going to get the exact speeds being delivered to your modem without any slowdowns. Hardwiring your internet connection also makes it more reliable, faster and more secure. This is why gamers, streamers and businesses choose ethernet cables over Wi-Fi when possible.

This solution won’t cost you more than $25 unless you’re running some serious ethernet cabling. Ethernet cables are cheap and won’t break the bank especially if your device is super close to your modem. However, this solution is only part of a bigger solution if your slow speeds are affecting more than your favorite devices.

3. Take Advantage Of Whole Home Wi-Fi From Your Internet Provider

If you’re not a tech expert or you don’t feel like fiddling around with new networking hardware, ask your internet service provider about whole home Wi-Fi solutions. Most internet providers like Frontier, Cox Communications, MetroNet, Cincinnati Bell, WOW!, Wave Broadband and many others offer a whole home Wi-Fi product.

If you decide to go with this route, one of their technicians will come into your home, run a bunch of tests and then install the best whole home Wi-Fi solution for your home. There’s zero extra work on your part and your internet provider’s service technician will leave with your Wi-Fi up and without dead zones or weak spots. However, this service will cost you from $8 to $15 a month.

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