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Latest SEO Trends To Look Out For This Year

Latest SEO Trends To Look Out For This Year – Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, is the talk of the biz world. And why not? SEO is nothing less than the lifeblood of businesses these days. It’s SEO and Google rankings alone that largely contribute to making a business successful. Don’t believe me?

Well, facts have it – as many as 60% of marketers owe it to inbound strategies like SEO for generating good quality leads for their business! But here’s another well-known fact – SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea. Wrike for Marketers includes all of the features of the Business plan, plus marketing-oriented functions, such as Wrike Proof

Every month, or rather, every week, a new SEO trend makes it big in the market. Any firm that misses out on aptly responding to the prevalent trends, faces the repercussions of missing out on an opportunity. And trust me, you wouldn’t want this to happen with your business because its ills are countless. So, here’s presenting a list of 7 SEO trends your business must look out for in 2021. Check these out:

1. Voice Search will be the game-changer

Perhaps the most-awaited SEO trend, for all the right reasons! If you go by facts, it is found that around 58% of people use voice search to acquire information about local businesses. And trust me, this popularity will only ramp up in the coming days. So, make sure you introduce the voice search feature on your website if you’re not a fan of going downtrend.

2. Long-form content is the real deal

Well, we all know how popular written content is these days. Whether it’s a social topic or some intriguing, informative write-up – long-form content is the classic king of the SEO realm. And in 2021, its demand will only go up. Therefore, it’s extremely necessary that your SEO team devotes apt attention to creating high-quality long-form content because that’s the ‘trend’ of the hour.

3. Videos will rule the SEO content strategy

As if you didn’t see this coming! All of us have been there – watching a 5 min long video on DIY on Facebook because ‘oh, how interesting it is’. Well, if you’ve also been wanting to introduce videos on your website, it’s about time you should go ahead and implement your plan. As per the experts, videos are going to rule the SEO content strategy this year. Reach out to SEO experts StudioHawk to get a better insight on SEO trends.

4. Look out for featured, little snippets

This trend may be at number four on our list, but don’t let this deceive you into believing it’s any less important than others! How many times have you saved yourself from the pain of reading a full-blown content because you got your result in a briefed version at the top of the Google search results? Well, those are called featured snippets. And the way trends are aligning towards things that provide ease, it’s no surprise that featured snippets are going to be a big hit!

5. You better get those images optimized ASAP

Visuals play a very important role, especially in the case of websites. People don’t just take pictures for fun. Nowadays, they also closely assess the images before making a purchase. And come on, no one likes to spend their time on such a website that takes all the time of the world to open an image. So, you better start working on optimizing your website images and enable them to download quickly. Trust me, that’s one trend that will shoot up in popularity this year.

6. Search Intent is the new hero

For Google, search intent optimization has become a first-hand priority. Google is constantly striving to provide the most accurate search results for its users. So, being a website owner, if you want your website to rank on the top of a search result, you must pay attention to search intent optimization too.

7. Make your website more mobile-friendly

Last but not the least, the more a website is mobile-friendly, the greater the amount of traffic it fetches. Whether it’s 2001 or 2021, SEO has always favored those websites that are truly mobile-friendly. So, pay proper attention to making your website mobile-friendly too. This is surely a trend to look out for in 2021.

Over to you…

SEO is essential. But SEO isn’t easy. Here, we listed 7 SEO trends to look out for in 2021. Read this guide and make the required alterations to your website to reap the best benefits from this amazing concept called SEO.

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