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How Is Possible to Read My Wife’s Text Messages from My Phone 2021 (Update)

If you are wondering if it’s possible to read your wife’s text messages stealthily, the answer is yes. The relationship of a husband and wife relies upon trust, and if the trust is shaken, then you need to know. 

If you’ve been trying to search about ‘how to read my wife’s messages’, you’d be getting a lot of options. The search results can actually be bewildering with over a hundred options. So, what do you do? This article will give you the clarity and insight you need to choose the perfect spying platform.

Read Wife’s Messages with Safespy

Spy app users around the globe trust the security and integrity of Safespy. Spying on your wife’s text messages could be one of the most risky things you do. If you use any random platform for the same, you would be risking detection. 

Safespy is the most safe web based spy application. It allows its users to read through someone’s text messages remotely. You might as well be checking your wife’s text messages sitting right in front of her, she wouldn’t know.

What makes Safespy superb is the immaculate features it has. As a matter of fact, the premium and most expensive features of other spy apps are like basic features in Safespy. In addition to reading your wife’s messages, you can see the following:

Best Spy Features

You can read your wife’s text messages with Safespy. At the same time, you can see much more than your wife’s text messages with Safespy. Of the many things that Safespy can do, the below mentioned features certainly take the cake:

  • It can show you the real time GPS location of your wife
  • You can see your wife’s library of applications and even her browsing history
  • You can check the media exchanges that are being taken place on and from her phone
  • You can see your wife’s social media profiles and her messages
  • You can see the messages and also check the vital keylogs entered from her phone. The vital keylogs include the deleted messages, archived messages, drafted but deleted messages

No Malware or Phishing Tools

Most spy applications are home to many malware and phishing tools. They can seriously jeopardize the integrity of your system. Safespy has a ‘safe’ in its name itself. It offers utmost encrypted functioning. It poses no risk at all to your system or your functions.

Protection of Data Integrity

There is no storage of personal details and data on Safespy. The user data and information is absolutely secure, protected and never leaked. There can be no leakage of any sort of user data and information. There is absolute data integrity and protection of user interests. 

Friendly User Interface

The interface of Safespy is so simple and uncomplicated that even a first timer can operate it. You don’t need any special and specific technological prowess to do that. All the functions are well laid out in a very feasible structure. Hence, making it effortlessly simple to use.

Reading Your Wife’s Messages from Your Phone

There is no necessity to possess special technical skills for using Safespy to read someone’s texts remotely. The web-based interface of Safespy is eased out in its operation. All you have to do is to follow the below mentioned line of procedures:


You need to register on the official site of Safespy. You can sign up through your email ID, and that’s the only thing you are required to provide. No other information will be sought from you. 


You will need to browse through the monthly plans available at Safespy. You can select and purchase the plan that suits you best. When you purchase a premium plan, you would be able to read texts on your wife’s phone without installing the software. 


When you have selected a plan, you will receive a set up link on your email. As and when you click on the Set up link, you will receive on screen instructions. All you need to do is to follow the instructions appearing on the screen.  


The next and most important step is to state whether the target platform is an iOS or an Android phone. Here, you would need to select the target device. If your wife is using an iPhone, you choose ‘iOS’. If she uses an Android, you can choose Android.

Linking with iOS

In case you have selected an iOS, you only need to enter the iCloud credentials of your wife’s phone. The moment you state the iCloud ID and password, the linkage to the iPhone will be immediate.  

Linkage with Android

Installation of the ‘Safespy’ application becomes imperative in case of Android. This is because Android’s own set of procedures and regulations. Safespy has been designed to only weigh 2 MB. 

The benefit of the less weight is that it can be immediately hidden upon download. Once hidden, the app goes on an undetectable mode on the smartphone. It doesn’t even raise the slightest of suspicion in the mind of your wife. The app even vanishes from the library of apps.

The best part about Safespy is that downloading the application is just a one time exercise. This is mostly because one needs to follow the inescapable rules of Android. Even if later you want to delete the concerned phone, you can do so remotely from the dashboard of the app.


The services and features offered in Safespy are far more superior to the ones offered by other applications. No wonder Safespy has become the most coveted spy application catering to people in more than 190 countries.

You can read your wife’s text messages relentlessly and safely through Safespy. The simplicity of its interface and great features are sought after by spy app users to make it popular. So, don’t just marinate in bewilderment wondering who is your wife texting? You can know the latent truth.  


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