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Sony Confirmed this Time for the PS5(PlayStation 5) -Technology Timenow

The PS5 PlayStation 5 makes its mark on the market. Little by little, more information has been revealed about this powerful console, even some official websites shared information about it. Lovers of video games are behind this data that will be decisive when moving on to the next Sony console.

A few days ago, fans were able to see the first functions of the new console.

 Even the Sony software architect officially reported the first details on what the equipment would be like. It should note that what is not yet confirmed is whether ‘PS5’ will be the official name, the exact release date is also unknown; Everything indicates that it will be the second semester of 2020.

In this sense, the specialized portal Hobby Consolas made a list with the ten 100% confirmed functions of the PS5. Although they emphasize that they are not all news, let’s see.

Faster Games

One of the features that the PS5 will include is that the games will load much faster than the PS4 or earlier versions. This is one of the features for which Sony received many complaints from users. This happened in a title like Red Dead Redemption 2 or Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

It confirms that the new generation consoles will use their power to load all the games in a much faster way, and it will do so thanks to a new SSD disk and a new processor.

New Play Station Network

This was common complaints since the PSN infrastructure was complicated, especially for less experienced users. To eliminate the problem, Sony has prepared, according to Hobby Consolas, a total renovation of the Playstation Network ahead of the launch of PlayStation 5, to become a more intuitive and easy to use platform.

On the other hand, Sony expects to add some new features that appear on other competing platforms, such as the number of hours you have been playing a game.

Sony has prepared a total renovation of the Playstation Network before the launch of PlayStation 5. 

3D Audio

The new AMD chip that will include PS5 will include a custom unit for 3D audio. So Sony will completely redefine the sound we know in video games. “With the new console, the dream is to show how dramatically different audio can be when there’s hardware with a lot of power involved,” Sony’s software architect said in a video.

The result will mean an increase in immersion when playing, listening to sounds coming from different directions. And no external hardware will require. It will work through the speakers of the same TV.

Retro Compatibility

One of the features that gamers most expected is the backward compatibility of the PS5. And it will have, for now, it confirms that it would be backward compatible with the PlayStation 4. But that is already great news for everyone.

Thanks to this function, it will become a less abrupt change for players who have a PS4 since they will not lose all their games and will enjoy the new console.

How will Backward Compatibility Work?

According to the specialized website Twisted Voxel, Sony updated its patent a few months ago, describing its plans to make PS4 games work on the PlayStation 5:

 Sony will run the legacy game on the hardware it designs for (PS4) to track performance characteristics.

 The same game will run on new hardware (PS5) to see how both data points “converge.”

These tests aim to adjust the “operating parameters” of the new device to achieve the same level of performance seen in older hardware.

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