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Paid Vs Free Windows VPN: Which One to Choose?

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Many VPN service providers offer free, partly free, and paid VPNs. Using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network is essential to keep your data private and secure. Therefore, many people are considering buying a VPN for their devices. However, the one thing they find themselves stuck at is to choose one between paid vs. free Windows VPN. This article compares paid and free Windows VPN to see which one is worth buying to help solve this problem. 

Comparison of the Features of Paid Vs. Free VPN 

Different people have different views on paid and free VPNs. While some people get excited by free laptop VPNs because they don’t have to pay anything to use them, others have a completely different claim. They think that a free VPN offers limited features and less security compared to a paid VPN. 

However, paying for a service doesn’t necessarily guarantee better quality or extra features. Sometimes, there are possibilities that you get a free service, which is more or less similar or even better than the paid ones. This is somewhat true in the case of VPNs. There are some amazing free VPNs such as Urban VPN in the market that offer excellent security and other features for free. Whereas paid VPNs will cost you no less than $12-15 per month for the same features. 

Let’s compare some of the features offered by free and paid VPNs.

  • Security: Most paid and free VPNs offer security by providing data encryption, malware protection, ad blocking services, and by hiding your real IP address. However, some free VPNs lack providing absolute and complete security. Nonetheless, there are always exceptions. You can get security as good as a paid VPN with free VPNs such as Urban VPN. Yes, it’s a free VPN that helps you with encrypted and private browsing.
  • Server Locations: Having a large number of VPN servers dispersed in different locations is beneficial for bypassing geo-blocking and IP blocking. They are also used in browsing anonymously, work remotely, brand monitoring, web scraping, etc. However, this one feature is mostly limited by free VPNs as compared to paid VPNs. But you don’t have to face this problem with Urban VPN. Urban VPN offers over 80 server locations for free. Isn’t it unbelievable?
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: It is very difficult to get unlimited bandwidth in Many VPNs. Even the paid VPN servers fail to provide unlimited bandwidth to its users. However, Urban VPN offers you unlimited bandwidth free-of-cost. I know it’s too hard to be true, but it’s true.
  • Anonymity: One of the main uses of a VPN is to keep your identity anonymous on the Internet. Again, it’s a feature that most paid VPNs offer, but this feature can be limited or not provided by the free VPNs. Nonetheless, there are always exceptions. With Urban VPN, you get the option to browse anonymously for free.

The major features offered by paid VPNs and free VPNs are almost the same. However, there can be limited bandwidth or fewer server locations provided in the case of free VPNs. Nonetheless, Urban VPN is a great free VPN in the market that gives you all the above features and full safety and security. 

Why Is It Better to use a free VPN?

As we have seen, some free VPNs, such as Urban VPN, offer you exactly the same features offered by a paid VPN. However, the thing which free VPNs lack is the option to upgrade your plan. For example, if you are a social media marketer or a brand manager, there are chances that you need plenty of server locations. In paid plans, you can pay extra to get more server locations. However, some free VPNs, like Urban VPN, solve this problem as well by providing you over 80 server locations. Hence, it is better to use a free VPN. 


VPN server providing markets are flooded with both paid and free VPNs. With everyone turning to the Internet for various reasons, the market is expanding even more with each passing day. As a result, it becomes both challenging and confusing to decide whether to go for a paid or free VPN. Although many people seem skeptical about using a free VPN, it’s certainly worth a try provided you find the right one. While some free VPNs lack in providing greater security, unlimited bandwidth, plenty of server locations, some provide you everything that a paid VPN offers by charging a huge amount from you every month. One such amazing free VPN is Urban VPN. We recommend you to try it for yourself and find out its benefits. 

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