Why Online Tutoring Platforms are Important and Why Prepaze is the Best Choice?

Online Tutoring – The concept of education has changed drastically in the post-pandemic era. With the internet, being physically present in a classroom is not necessary anymore. Quality education is accessible to all, and the only thing one needs is internet connectivity. This revolution of online education is bringing in a new era. Students and expert teachers are looking for an online tutoring platform that can ensure seamless learning experiences. In this time of transition, state-of-the-art online platforms are absolutely important. Here are the reasons why.

Learning at One’s Own Pace

For a long time, traditional education has functioned more or less in a one-size-fits-all way. Different students have unique capabilities, situations, and pace that needs to be taken care of. Online tutoring platforms like Prepaze allow the students to skip rigid schedules and take lessons at their own pace. This enhances the quality of learning as the students are more interested to learn when they are comfortable.

Wide Range of Available Programs

Virtual classrooms are there for all students, whether they are in elementary, middle, or high schools or are preparing for tests like SAT or ACT. One gets to choose classes according to their needs. Prepaze has expert tutors for subjects like English, Math, Science, Computer Science, Test Prep, Language, AP Classes, and many Enrichment Courses.

Customized Learning Experience

Online education is flexible, owing to each student’s requirements and capability level. Group online classes are generally smaller than the conventional class size, enabling better care from the tutors. Prepaze also has provision for private classes where one gets individual care and attention from the tutor. These classes facilitate more interaction and feedback between the students and the tutor.

  • The tutor can help the student strengthen their existing skills and abilities. The students do not need to worry about cut-throat competition and enjoy learning in their unique way
  • There is access to various materials like photos, videos, interactive learning tools, audio, and eBooks.
  • Tutors integrate formats like discussion forums and breakout rooms to facilitate deeper learning. Prepaze allows one to take tests and assessments of their skills and abilities. This allows the student to understand where they are and what they need to focus on for improvement.

Saves Time

Virtual classrooms are available everywhere, provided that there is internet connectivity. There is no need to commute. This saves time, money, and energy for both the students and teachers. Of course, when the hassle of commuting is not there, more focus can be on teaching and learning. This improves the quality of education significantly. The parents, too, can keep track of their wards learning through Prefaze’s portal for parents. This saves them time and effort.


Unlike in-person classes, online education is more affordable. Prepaze offers a wide range of payment packages tailor-made to suit every need thus ensuring better budget management. There are also occasional discounts and offers.

Surveys say that over 90% of learners today agree that online learning is way better than traditional education. Students of Prepaze report significant improvement in Maths, English, and science subjects. While traditional education continues to have its advantages, this revolution in the education system will help tutors, trainers, as well as students to a great extent.

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