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6 Useful Online Tools for Aspiring Content Writers

Writing is more than just a hobby. You can do it for fun, like creating poems, songs, short stories, and even writing a diary. However, many people earn a living in writing today. The world of digital marketing sees writing with the high potentiality to help the established and startup companies in different industries to grow and reach success.

Many people who have been writing for leisure are now writing as a profession. If you believe that you possess the essential skills to be one, you can embark on a new career or shift if you long for a change in your life. Hence, read the following details below of different useful online tools that aspiring content writers should start using.

Character Counter Tool

Most content writers embrace the essence of flexibility to make them fit in whatever writing tasks are given to them. Since social media platforms have been a good outlet for digital marketers to reach out to huge audiences, writers can create anonymous content to publish on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms.

If you wish to become a content writer in the future, you might be asked to write on social media. Hence, you have to start using the character counter tool. It’s a tool used to streamline your post content every time you publish any on social media.

Since most people don’t usually get interested in reading long written content, the character counter tool will help you effectively manage the number of characters to reach your audience. You can use various online tools, such as the character counter with spaces and without spaces, and the character counters for your post content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


It’s inevitable sometimes to commit mistakes in English grammar when writing. In fact, some native speakers of the English language don’t feel confident to make their writings a hundred percent free of any grammar issues. Hence, the use of Grammarly will be of so much help to avoid these problems in the future.

Grammarly is an online tool that you can use to check your writings’ spelling, and every misspelled word will be highlighted. This writing tool will also give you suggestions for the best words aside from the one you’ve used. It’ll also let you know if your writings do not observe the subject and verb agreement, consistency of the verb tenses, correct use of punctuation, and many other grammatical concerns.


When you’re writing an article to promote a particular company’s products and services, you need to provide an original one. Copied or stolen articles from other websites will not only ruin your writing career, but it will also damage the reputation of the company that will buy your written articles.

When writers represent someone’s ideas, thoughts, or expressions from other websites as theirs and without giving any credit to the original author, it’s called plagiarism. It’s a crime and punishable by law. Hence, if you want to be a content writer soon, you really have to start using Copyscape.

Copyscape is an online tool for writers to check any written articles and see if plagiarism is committed. It provides you a reliable online plagiarism detection tool so that you can produce original written pieces for your clients or customers. In fact, many people have been using Copyscape to avoid creating multiple contents, ensure the content originality, and most especially, to avoid committing any act of plagiarism.


Another exciting and helpful tool for writers is Buzzsumo. You may find it hard to look for a particular topic to write for a new article. You might have some, but you aren’t sure which one is the best. Don’t worry because this online tool will help you solve your problem.

You only need to key in a phrase or a keyword. Then, Buzzsumo will provide you with a list of exciting content topics that you can choose. Hence, you’ll have great options and select one for your next article.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

As the writers create articles to promote the company’s products and services, the whole digital marketing team aims to make this article reach a huge audience. Then, the company will convert this audience to customers or clients. That’s why many writers use Google Ads Keyword Planner to see what keywords or phrases most people usually search on the Google search bar.

By doing so, writers will include these keywords in their written articles. Hence, the chance is high that many people can reach the webpage, access, and read the published articles. Then, it’ll consequently help achieve the objective of content marketing.


Some problems of most writers are the lack of focus and a lot of distractions. It’ll be a little bit hard to concentrate on writing when you can find many things on the peripheral view of your laptop’s screen that may get your attention away from what you’re doing.

When you write as your profession, you surely have deadlines to meet and finish your writing tasks on the given timeframe. That’s why you always want a peaceful environment to write and aim to finish on time. However, things like social media, emails, and other entertainment sites will be a problem for you because they can distract your focus on writing.

Because of this, many writers are using FocusWriter. It’s a tool that will help you clear your mind and set your attention to one thing on your working computer. It clears out your monitor, gives you a clean interface, and will only let you see the page where you’re writing. It hides other tabs to help you avoid being tempted to do other things rather than writing.


Writing isn’t an easy job as it seems. If you know how to write, you still need practice and training to hone your existing writing skills. It doesn’t develop in a day or two, so you need to spend time learning and relearning to learn more. The list of online writing tools discussed above is only a few of those you can find online. If you wish to write to be your profession in the future, you better get acquainted with various writing online tools to help you embark on a new writing career in a smooth and stress-free way.

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