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10 Really Necessary Apps to Apply on Campus

Campus life can’t be described with one word. It is so diverse! It’s fun, intense, joyful, stressful. It’s everything at once. Hard to predict what the next day can bring you. Though, the thing is, such a lifestyle can be pretty exhausting and demanding at times. This is why students need some professional help. And by professional, we mean technological. Managing a student organization is a difficult task, even for the most organized student groups. Use this student organization template as an all-in-one. Numerous apps are waiting to help you with your everyday tasks on campus. You just need to find the right ones for you. Here’s the list of 10 necessary apps to apply on campus. Let’s see what we got!


Regardless of what calendar you are going to use, you definitely need one. App markets offer a large variety of different calendars with many specific functions. Just make sure you can use it on multiple devices, and they can be synchronized. Calendars with notifications should be prioritized. Thus, you’ll never forget about your exam dates or need to read speedy paper reviews before ordering papers. A good calendar will make sure you don’t forget anything.


Forest is a great time tracking application. Have you found yourself wondering where your day has gone? You haven’t done much work, but the day has already finished. Well, with Forest, you can track all your activities and see the statistics. Set what you are planning to do and how much time you want to spend. Also, know that you earn coins for completing your time. The app uses these coins, transfers them into real currency, and donates them to tree planting organizations.

Having a Grammarly keyboard will save you a lot of trouble. It can autocorrect or highlight all your mistakes. Whether it’s grammar or punctuation, Grammarly is on it! You can also download a Chrome extension. This way, you will never email your professor a letter full of errors. Grammarly will take care of that. And it does it for free! Of course, you can also buy a paid version to have a more detailed analysis of your mistakes. A paid version will check your writing according to various categories. Feels like you can almost ask it, “Can you write essay for me online”? and it will do that as well.

Every student needs to deal with thousands of tasks at once. And since multitasking is not really a thing, they have to find a different way to do it. Organizers can be a perfect solution here. Such apps can collect all your tasks and organize them for you. is among the most popular organizers on the Internet. It can show you tasks you have to complete, their priorities, and deadlines. It can help you manage time better and avoid any procrastination.


It should come as no surprise that students work with tons of materials. Of course, it’s part of the drill. Though managing these materials can be a hard job. You don’t want to overcrowd your desktop, but you want to have immediate access to the docs you need. Dropbox can help you with that. You can use different categories and folders to save your files in Dropbox. You can also access them at any time from any device. Isn’t that great?


Speaking of the material, all students need to know at least one good and reliable online library. Scribd can be the one for you. It is the largest online library for students. You can find any books or documents on every discipline.


What is the greatest enemy of all students? The answer is time. Or, to be more precise, the lack of time all students suffer from every day. It’s quite easy to see why. Modern technologies don’t only give but take. They can take a lot of our time if we let them. It is especially dangerous during exam sessions. Fortunately, SelfControl can save you all the troubles. It will block any webpages and applications that you see as a distraction for your studies. Nothing will help you open the blocked sites once you set the timer. You can even delete the app, but it also won’t do the trick. This is how good SelfControl is.

Money Lover

Campus life is not only about the studies, right? Students have to learn a lot of basic life skills while in college. One of those skills is planning out a budget. It can be a very challenging thing to do for young people. Money Lover can be a great teacher here. It can show you statistics of your incomes and spending; it helps with the budget plans, and much more.

Ted Talks

We all know about TedTalks. Some students could even participate in them, whether as listeners or speakers. Colleges often host these events. We also believe that all students need to have the Ted app on their devices. This is an incredible and never-ending source of valuable information. Some of the research, theories, and ideas that you can hear at Ted Talks can be highly beneficial not to your general knowledge but also to your studies.


Anyone who has ever tried studying foreign languages knows how hard it can be. Well, fortunately, this app can make the process a lot easier and much faster. Duolingo helps you learn by playing games, doing simple quizzes, and practicing every aspect of language, from grammar to speaking.

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