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Merits of Using Android MDM Versus Traditional Methods

Merits of Using Android MDM Versus Traditional Methods – Android mobile device management is an approach to manage and control the Android-based mobile tools, devices, laptops, etc., used in an organization to keep the data related to the organization secure. Android MDM increases the efficiency and productivity of the mobile workforce.

Unified platform

With Android MDM, the IT and security department can manage all the Android mobile devices of the company by using a single or unified platform. It eliminates the need for configuring and testing manually each time a new mobile device is added to the organization. The repetitive tasks of enrolling and registering mobile devices have become automated and quick with the help of Android MDM.

Remote management of devices

As working remotely from different locations has become a common practice in all organizations, the employees and organizations rely on mobile devices to work efficiently. It is important to protect critical business information in such mobile devices. Android EMM allows the remote management of both personally owned and corporate-owned mobile devices.

Control over apps

Android MDM allows only those apps that the Android MDM lists in the app store maintained by the organization to be installed on the group of Android devices owned by the organization. It provides complete control to the IT administrators to control the installation and usage of the apps by the users.

Locate and access remote devices and related information

Another merit of Android MDM is tracking and accessing the mobile devices if it is lost or stolen. It can remotely erase confidential data from mobile devices to protect against the leak of sensitive information related to business. It can also restrict or disable other functions such as camera, Bluetooth microphone, etc.

Minimizes IT Risk

The Android mobile device management system can manage IT risks associated with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy, a popular concept in many organizations. It can track the status of the device and the employee. The better management of mobile devices encourages BYOD, which, in turn, results in cost-saving for the organizations.

Increased productivity

Compared to traditional methods, the Android mobile device management system has made the enrolling and provisioning of mobile devices faster and easier. The employees do not have to wait for many days to get the mobile device and start working, as the Android MDM method quickly adds the new devices to the network. It results in time-saving as the employees need not wait longer to access the company’s work network and consequently lead to enhanced productivity.


Android MDM has many advantages over the traditional methods of device management. It is more effective and efficient than traditional methods. Android EMM solutions also allow the IT administrators to group the devices as per location, Operating system, device type, and manage the organization’s mobile devices from a single console for systematic management of mobile devices.

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