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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story – Pallavi and Raghav’s Love Story

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story - Pallavi and Raghav's Love Story



In this blog post, mehndi hai rachne wali upcoming story, spoilers, latest gossip, future story, latest news, and also upcoming twist. The newly launched Star Plus show “Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story” from Sandip Sickand Productions and Sol Productions will air its first episode on the channel today at 6:30 PM.

Although some of the audience has yet to see the show’s premiere, Hotstar subscribers have already seen the show on its own OTT platform, and across the store, it has managed to garner mixed reactions from online audiences. The show stars Shivangi Khedkar and Sai Ketan Rao. In addition, Sandip Sickand, known for writing popular shows like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, returns to the same channel with his new post-KHKT.

Main Characters: Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story

Pallavi Lead Actress

Pallavi Lead Actress

She is a young, dynamic, hardworking, and sensible girl. She is also beautiful in looks and heart. Pallavi becomes the sole support of her late husband’s family. She takes care of the house and the business. Pallavi works day and night for the welfare of the family. Pallavi was widowed at a very young age but greatly missed her husband. She doesn’t think she has a place for love in her life. Pallavi closes the doors of her heart. She loses faith in love and fate. Pallavi wants to live her life helping others. She is a responsible girl. Pallavi loves her family very much and can do anything for their happiness.

Raghav Lead Actor

Raghav Lead Actor

Raghav has a complex personality. He is rich, kind, helpful, and kind, but to others, he comes across as arrogant, rude, and insensitive. He doesn’t want anyone to look into his heart and know his pain. Raghav hides his pain by not revealing the past to anyone. Raghav doesn’t realize that Pallavi has come into his life to end his loneliness. Raghav’s kindness becomes apparent. He falls in love with Pallavi without worrying that she is a widow. He respects women and is very fond of small children.

Story of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story

Story of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story

The plot is here. The story is mainly based on two people who are naturally far from each other, but on one fine day, their paths collide, and they become a force for each other. Pallavi Deshmukh is a widow who lives with her in-laws in Hyderabad and runs a sari shop to help cover household expenses. On the other hand, Raghav Rao is a gangster and also a business tycoon. While Pallavi wants to stay away from love feelings, Raghav is a brat but understands love feelings.

The Story So Far:

Pallavi takes care of his work at Deshmukh Saree Emporium. She works hard for customer satisfaction to keep her father’s name up. Then it turns out that Pallavi is a widow. Her husband died long ago, and she still faces problems in her new stage. Pallavi does not want to live like a widow wearing white saris for her reasons and doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, on the other hand, Raghav is a lonely soul who can spew many attitudes. He is in his car with a lady, comparing the lady’s value to the vehicle’s.

Pallavi gets upset when a girl sells her sindoor. He insults her by marking her price, but she thinks her attitude is excellent. Raghav’s car breaks down at the same place where Pallavi is present. The same girl asks him to buy Sindor, and Raghav only accepts the sindoor for the girl. Pallavi shows that she has a good heart, although she speaks bitterly. She says she can’t think about marriage and will never marry anyone. She explains that she can’t see sad little children and buys the sindoor to guard the girl’s heart.

Raghav throws the sindoor, which falls on Pallavi. Pallavi tries to clean the sindoor. She hopes no one at home will find the sindoor in her face. Sharda sees Pallavi with Sindoor. She hates white sarees. She asks Pallavi to stop wearing white sarees. Sharda and Pallavi share a sweet bond. Sharda does not want Pallavi to follow the customs of widows. Raghav rejects the lady’s offer when she agrees to spend the night with him. Raghav tells her that she is only with him because of her wealth. He gives her money and gets rid of her. He says that she can’t offend love by connecting.

She has a deep understanding of true love but in a negative way. She feels that love kills people. Pallavi reveals that Sharda is her mother-in-law, closer to her than her mother. She says that Sharda accepted her even after being widowed by her. She is grateful to Sharda for giving her a respectful life. Raghav finds a girl whom some men threaten, and he helps her. Sharda wants Pallavi to find someone in her life and move on. Pallavi has no such plans to remarry. Raghav fights with the men and shows his brave side of him. Sharda knows that love will find its way to her. She wants to find a boyfriend for Pallavi. Pallavi says that she has no room for anyone in her life.

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Upcoming Story Episodes

In the show’s upcoming episodes, audiences will see how Raghav and Pallavi, who don’t know each other, meet on a lonely night but cannot see each other’s faces. Pallavi’s mother-in-law wants her to start over and is looking for the perfect match. However, the paint applied by Raghav gets stuck on the sari that Pallavi is wearing, and she cannot understand why.

Raghav is messy and ruthless, but he has his piece of a haunted past that bothers him a lot. This week Pallavi and Raghav will meet for the first time, but in a nasty situation where both of them a heated argument have, Pallavi hits him, and an angry Raghav tries to spoil a large quantity of sari which will help her to establish the financial balance between her business and her family.

Well, where will their terrified encounter take them? Will Raghav be able to break the ice for Pallavi? Will Pallavi be able to set Raghav on the right track and also calm the storm within him? To find out more, he keeps watching this space.

Our Opinion:

The show looked great after the promotion but failed to impress. Nothing in itself is attractive. The story, the characters, and the script look incredible on the small screen. The actors do a decent job. The cast is new and also talented. However, they still need time to show the audience their firm grip. Interest drops due to predictable scenes. It’s easy to guess how the story would continue from here. As for other elements of the show, the pace is not that slow, the drama is only subdued, but the audience retention rate seems lower.


Just a decent family entertainer. Not intriguing or a story-driven mystery, and God’s chemistry is to be expected from the lead actors.

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