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5 Best Location Trackers to Track a Cell Phone Location Online

Location Trackers – Tracking the Location Trackers of a cell phone is one of the most sought-after abilities in a spy app. As we know, cell phones are an essential accessory nowadays, so if one can track the location of a person’s cell phone, you can essentially track the person.

There are a number of different apps and services that offer ways to track the location of a cell phone. Some apps go beyond this, offering even more spying capabilities. Today we look at the five best Locatin trackers apps to track a cell phone location with.  You can go around finding a cell phone location of a device with ease.


Spyic is a very well-known name in the world of spyware. It has the reputation of being one of the best phone monitoring services or Location Trackers in the world. It has millions of satisfied users around the globe in over 190 countries. Famous tech platforms such as TechRadar have also sung high praises for Spyic.

When people look for a spy service, there are certain features that are a common requirement for all users of Location Trackers. Easy to use and easy to remove, reliable and quick results, and, of course, user discretion and anonymity. Spyic is one of the services that offer a lot of these to its customers. Spyic is easy to use, easy to understand, and you can use it remotely.

One of the major problems with many spyware services is their use of root and jailbreak methods. Spyic does not use any jailbreak or root to access the targeted device, android, or apple. This is one of the most advanced features that only the very best spyware in the world has been able to achieve.

Some of the Main Features of Spyic

  • Location Trackers of a phone
  • Show the call history
  • View social media activity across many platforms
  • View text messages
  • Stealth mode to keep you anonymous
  • Keylogger feature

Keeps track of the commonly used keys and searches of the phone.

How to Setup Spyic?

Step 1

You begin by creating an account using a valid email address. Select the service package you wish to use from Spyic official Website and pay the required amount for it.

Step 2
For Android cell phones

For using Spyic on an Android device, you need to install the 2 MB file onto the Android phone you wish to spy on. The file has to be installed manually. There is no way to install this file on an Android device remotely.

For Apple devices

To spy on an Apple device while using Spyic, you just need to link that device’s Cloud Storage to your Spyic account. This can be done remotely. You do not need to originate into contact with the target iOS device to spy on it.

After following these couple of steps, the installation process is complete.

As you can clearly see, Spyic is very user-friendly in its installation process. The working of Spyic is kept entirely anonymous, and all activity is hidden from the target device or cell phone.


After the initial installation process, the rest of the operating of Spyic can be done remotely. You can get regular updates of the intended cell phone location on your Spyic dashboard. Tracking the location of a cell phone with Spyic is quite simple.

Spyic can also be removed relatively quickly from a target device. You can uninstall the file in the case of Android devices, and for iOS, you simply disconnect the cloud account from the Spyic service.


Spyier is another renowned spying app in the market. It gives a tough competition to Spyic, and both offer similar features, but we preferred Spyic.

Spyier is easy-to-use and straightforward software. It has features such as social media monitoring on popular platforms, messages, calls viewing, location tracking, etc. The installation process is not complicated and is not time-consuming either.

All in all, Spyier is a feature-loaded app that is easy to use and trusted in the spyware industry. You will see that it will have many features one can use.


Minspy is one of the older and well-known spy apps, and it has always maintained good faith among users. This is one of the reasons why Minspy is still considered to be one of the best.

Minspy is exceptionally consistent when it comes to giving reliable and quick results. This is primarily what has kept Minspy at the top of the line in spyware apps over a relatively long period of time. Practical features coupled with the quick installation make it a reliable option.

While staying at the top for a considerable period helps to reassure customers, Minspy has also been recommended by platforms like Toms Guide, etc.


At number four in our list, we have Spyine. Spyine is another excellent location monitoring app that excels at tracking and monitoring devices.

Spyine gives all the essential features spyware should have. For example, location tracking, social media monitoring, message and call history viewing. Anonymity is also a feature available to users while using Spyine.

Spyine is most definitely an underrated app as it offers all the features necessary. Reliable results are also a constant when using Spyine. Spyine can overtake some of the other more popular apps if it maintains the standard it is currently at.


Neatspy is one of the oldest apps when it comes to tracking the location of a cell phone. This app is available in over a hundred countries worldwide.


Neatspy has maintained consistency in giving accurate and fast results over a long period of time. This is one of the significant reasons why it is one of the most trusted apps in the world today. The introduction of many new apps has not overshadowed Neatspy. This may be because the app has most of the latest Spy features one can need.

Over the years, Neatspy has become a constant in the best spyware apps discussion. If reliability is the most significant cause of concern for you, you can’t go wrong with Neatspy.


After looking through many apps that can track a cell phone’s location, we have concluded these are the best. Spyic would be our preferred choice, but any of the other apps such as Spyine and Minspy are also no slouches when it comes to location tracking or location monitoring.

You will now be able to monitor a device in many ways, be it android smartphones or Apple iOS devices. All at the leisure of your online Dashboard via the Spyic service or with the use of the many different alternative solutions we have listed.

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