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Are Your Kids Practicing Unsafe Social Activities?

What are my kids learning while I’m not around? That is a question that every parent is asking themselves. Why? Because there is the internet and it’s full of things. For the kids, you will mostly find them on Facebook or the popular Snapchat.

If they are not on social media, there is YouTube and numerous websites. What they are doing is only known to them since you are a busy parent trying to settle their bills. Cyberbullying and online tricks are quite the norm these days, among other internet evils.

Kids are among the vulnerable ones, and it’s easy to trick one into doing something nasty. So, are your kids starting to say and do things they are not supposed to? Remember that what the kids learn is what they apply.

Part 1: Curbing the Behavior Changes

Your kid is always innocent until they reach the age when they can start differentiating things. At that point, what you introduce to your kid is very crucial. Why? Because they will always take whatever comes in their way and then follow before leading by example.

Children are attracted to electronic gadgets. That is why they will cry for your phone even at the earliest age as you hold it. As they learn how to use it, you will be introducing some funny videos and how to load them.

That is how they advance to start watching things behind your back. Later, as they grow, you begin finding them doing something you have never introduced in the house. That is where your watch as a parent begins.

Here are rare things you can do to watch, curb, and correct your kids’ unsafe social activities.

Monitor Their Phones and Tablets Closely

It’s advantageous for a child to have a phone or tablet that does not. On the other hand, these are the gadgets they love to spend time on before they go out to play. When you are not around, that’s the time to jump on their favorites sites and social apps.

Being a smart parent, you can involve an application that will get their activities remotely. Start by looking online to find WhatsApp hacking tools like Spyier and the rest. These applications will reveal all the phone activities online.

For the recommendable ones, it will take you five minutes to set up. After that, you will not require the phone anymore. Everything they are doing will be in your online account.

Since control panel is web-based, you can always check as long as you have an internet connection. Some of the rare things you can monitor include calls, messages, browsing history, social media, and media files.

See Where They Go

If you are around, you can always see where your kids are. When you are not there, the kids need a third eye. The nanny can still tell you about their whereabouts, but you need to be sure. The smartphone can come to aid here.

You can track their real-time location using the inbuilt services. There is Find My Device in Android and the Find My iPhone for Apple devices. If you want something that the kids cannot interrupt, the invisible monitoring apps can do so.

An application like Spyier will never show up after the setup, detecting the location silently. That way, you can tell if your kid is at home or out and all the past areas too.

More importantly, it’s also a good idea to know if your kid is visiting unwanted places. That is where you look for features like Geofencing. This is an option in monitoring apps that allows you to set up perimeters around the hot zones.

Later, all you need is to wait for notifications when the child steps into or out of the ‘fences.’

Watching the Outer Environment

Apart from the gadgets, children also interact with fellow kids and grown-ups too. For the latter, you expect them to know what they are doing, but that’s not the case all the time. The kids will tell each other all manner of things.

If yours is the vulnerable one, he/she will be forced to do and learn things they should never know. If they are the bully, they will be leading the wrong habit anthem, and that’s not good for your image.

That is why it’s vital to check on whom your kids are interacting with to prevent the worst. The last thing you want is your kid imitating how your neighbor smokes the cigarettes on the balcony.

Worse still, it’s saying nasty things they just learned about after the 30 minutes playing session with other kids.

Part 2: What You Can Do Stop Unsafe Social Activities

After watching where the habit is coming from, the next part is deploying the right measures. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that discipline still reigns in the house.

  • Limit your child’s phone activities primarily online.
  • Set up controls on what your kids should use on the phone and how.
  • Use monitoring apps to mark their every activity remotely.
  • Set up the times when they should use the gadgets
  • Watch on the company your child keeps
  • Improvise grounding measures when they are behaving inappropriately
  • Look for ways to teach your kids good behavior.


How your kids grow is your responsibility. That is why you need to keep an eye on everything they do. Technology has brought in better ways to monitor our kids, and that’s why you can do it remotely.
If your kid is behaving abnormally from what they learn, the above information will aid in deploying the right measures. Never close one eye when everyone is pointing at your kid because of things they said or did.

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