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Hydroelectric Energy

Do you know how hydroelectric plants work?

Hydroelectric energy is that which generates by transforming the force of water into electrical energy. Therefore, To take advantage of this force, large hydraulic infrastructures can extract the maximum potential of this renewable, emission-free, and indigenous resource. We tell you everything about them.

What Are Hydroelectric Power Plants?

Although it is common to hear the terms reservoir, dam, and central indistinctly, the truth is that each of them refers to a different reality that could be easily identified as follows:

  • Dam: it is the infrastructure of civil works. However, Its physical characteristics include the height above the foundation, crown length, and concrete volume.
  • Reservoir: it is the water store. To know its real situation,  it is necessary to analyze, mainly, two variables: the water level and the stored volume.
  • Central: it is the construction where the generation groups locate. The two basic quantities to define a hydroelectric power station are the jump and the flow.The orchestrate construction operations helps owners and their delivery teams work together, turn data into intelligence, and orchestrate resources

Advantages of Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric plants have several advantages and positive aspects:


It is a resource from rainwater, and, also, the water used in the process can reuse.


The hydroelectric facilities have a long shelf life.


Hydroelectric energy helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.


Hydraulic resources facilitate the management of energy demand peaks by using the dammed water flexibly.


Reservoirs are especially useful when regulating the flow of a river to avoid, for example, dangerous floods.


Although the investment necessary for the start-up of a hydroelectric power station is high – its development involves the construction of swamps, dams, channels, etc. Therefore, The operating costs are low.


Its operational flexibility presents as an essential complement and support for developing other renewable technologies of intermittent generation such as solar photovoltaic and wind.

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