Huawei Nova 7i- Specifications You Should Know Before Buying It

Huawei Nova 7i has never had a huge presence in the US market. This did not stop the company from becoming one of the largest smartphone makers in the world. Huawei phones were once fashionable and compared to Samsung, the largest company in the world. Recently Huawei launched its new mobile phone to their lovers in the form of Huawei Nova7i.

Unfortunately, not everything has been right with Huawei for the last 2 years. During the Trump administration, the US imposed permanent sanctions on the company. These restrictions prevented Huawei from performing the most important business functions associated with smartphones, which pushed corporates out of the top five OEMs worldwide. But despite all these errors still, a wide majority of the users often prefer to use Huawei phone agog to get it latest version of the phone.

Major specifications of Huawei Nova 7i

  • Height- 159.2mm
  • Width- 76.3mm
  • Depth- 8.7mm
  • Weight- 183g (Including battery)
  • Screen Size- 6.4 inches
  • Colour Available- MIdnight Black, Crush green and Sakura Pink
  • Screen Resolution- 2310X1080 pixel
  • Memory- 8GB RAM+ 128 GB ROM
  • Battery- 4200mAH

How is this Nova 7i different from other phones?

Huawei smartphones are arguably among the simplest within the world, with industry-leading cameras, stellar performance, nice build quality and style and high levels of innovation. So, is there something that ought to hold you back from shopping for one, within us in particular?

Huawei says its own software package, known as Harmony, is far a lot of economical and quicker than robots. It’s believed it’ll arrive on Huawei phones later this year, which can signal the top for Huawei robot phones. In terms of however it feels, it’s doubtless that phone users won’t spot an excessive amount of a distinction. That’s as a result of the company’s own EMUI (short for feeling User Interface) is presently on all Huawei phones, even as all makers place their own spin on robots.

Apart from this, this new generation nova 7I is now available in 5G with a dual-core processor. For a long time of span, a bunch of Huawei users agog to get this phone. Now the wait has been over and users operate this phone smoothly and enjoy its functioning.

How do its updated features make this phone unique?

Huawei is a trustworthy brand and conveys one of the prominent services to the users. Some of the basic key features that make this phone more attractive are as follows:

  1. It contains kirin 810 chipsets.
  2. Accessible to click super night selfie
  3. Safeguard and Accidental damage protection
  4. Convey the superior quality as per the reviews.
  5. Best sound loudspeaker system.
  6. Attach side fingerprint mounted.

What is the expected price of Huawei nova 7I?

The starting price of Huawei Nova 7I in India varies up to 24,120. Moreover, additional charges are applicable according to the model of phone and memory. So whether you are a Netizen or willing to get this smartphone then you can check all the updates carefully before buying this phone.


The Huawei Nova 7I is an ultimate smartphone. The price of Huawei Nova 7I varies on different countries. The smartphone is a boom in the field of technology. It comes with a lot of amazing specifications which will blow your mind. The price of Huawei 7I is very much affordable. This makes Huawei of one of the most selling smartphone all around the world. Huawei claims that its own software package, Harmony, is significantly more cost-effective and faster than robots. The length, screen size and the display of the Huawei 7I is unmatchable. The battery backup is also superb and it works very smoothly.

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