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https //jeu.auchan.fr/7jours 2022: scratch the card(s)

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https //jeu.auchan.fr/7jours 2022

For many years, Auchan stores have been an integral part of our daily lives and have given us many unforgettable moments. Today, the brand intends to reward its customers for their loyalty to its supermarkets and hypermarkets, not only with promotions on the shelves.

She is organizing a great scratch game: scratching a card returned to the cash register. This game, called 7 days Auchan 2022, has enough to fully satisfy lovers of good deals as well as fans of contest games. In this article, you will discover everything there is to know about this game and how it works.

How To Participate In The Game?

Whether you have the Auchan loyalty card https //jeu.auchan.fr/7jours 2022 or not, you can play the Auchan.fr 7 days 2022 game. At least if you plan to shop in the stores participating in the event. The gameplay takes place between July 6 and July 12, 2022, a pretty short timeframe that you shouldn’t miss.

Since the prizes are up for grabs are gift cards, this game has an implied purchase condition but aims to please your wallet nonetheless. In addition, there are more than 1,400,000 fun activities to share with friends or family and to win for adventure fans.

To obtain scratch cards with an Auchan 2022 7-day code, you must go to a store or the group’s website and purchase there. You will receive 1 Auchan code card for every 25 euros of in-store or online investments during your checkout. The maximum number of cards assigned at each checkout is 3.

Steps to Play

If you have ever played the Auchan 7 days code game, you should have no more worries. However, here are the steps to follow once you have your game card(s).

  • Scratch the 3 squares of your Auchan game square(s) as stipulated in the game rules;
  • You win a gift card worth 40 euros if you get 3 € symbols. If 3 “man” patterns appear, you win a leisure activity for one person. Finally, for three ways of “3 men” discovered, you get a leisure activity that two people can enjoy.
  • If you win, go to the game website via the link https //jeu.auchan.fr/7jours 2022 and complete the participation and registration form.

When filling out the form, you must enter the Auchan game code of the card inside the corresponding field. Indeed, each scratch card has a unique code on the back to enter online. Once the code has been entered. And all the information provided validate the form to claim your prize.

How To Access Your Activity Won In The 7-Day Auchan Game

If you are single of the lucky ones who have won one or two activities after scratching their game card. Then you must go to the site www.horizon-activites.fr/grand-jeu-auchan to book your activity. This must be done before the 30th of June 2023, at the risk of losing your gain forever.

Once on the relevant page, you must enter the unique 7-day Auchan game code – https //jeu.auchan.fr/7jours 2022. Then select a region of your choice (your residence or your travel destination).

Choose the desired partner from all the available options. Finally, fill in the registration form by adding your name, first name and email. A unique nomination pass generated. Which must be presented to the service provider on the day of your solo or duo activity.

If you are also a fan of code games and scratch card games. You now know how the site jeu.auchan.fr works.

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