Extend your Phone Battery Life

Phone Battery – There is nothing more annoying than a dying phone battery while you need it the most.
Imagine searching for the best casino bonuses for online casinos and you come across one that offers you free spins at a slot machine, generous offers to join a poker game or worse, you are about to get paid out after a huge win, and then…your battery dies on you.
To prevent these horrible situations from happening, I have listed a few tips to make your battery last a little bit longer than usual.

Table of Contents
Don’t overcharge
Adjust your screen settings
Watch your data
Avoid fast charging
Don’t use your phone while charging

Don’t overcharge

While charging your phone overnight is a widespread practice, it might actually reduce the life of the battery. When your battery is held at 100 percent charge, it not only faces more stress from the increased voltage, but it also develops heat over time.
While mobile phone batteries will not overheat to the point of becoming dangerous to the user, exposing them to excessive heat is one of the quickest ways to reduce their lifespan.
If you can’t resist leaving your phone to charge overnight, make sure it’s in a cool, well-ventilated location where the heat can evaporate more quickly. For example, don’t put your phone under your pillow.

Adjust your screen settings

The screen consumes the majority of your phone’s battery life. This is especially true now that phone screens are bigger, brighter, and clearer than they’ve ever been.
Reduce the brightness of your screen in the settings and set it to turn off after 30 seconds and make sure you’re not using an animated screensaver, which will drain your power.
Even choosing a darker screensaver, which uses less power than a light one, will make a significant impact.

Watch your data

Because network data drains your battery, use Wi-Fi whenever possible. When you’re at home or (if possible) out in public, keep your Wi-Fi turned on and linked to a network.
Turning off mobile data services in your phone’s quick settings panel will prevent your phone from using cellular data. You may also select Airplane Mode to turn off all data network functions and turn on Wi-Fi, but beware; incoming calls and SMS texts will be affected.

Avoid fast charging

Quickly charging your phone puts a strain on the battery. Avoid using quick charging unless absolutely necessary.
In fact, the slower you charge your battery, the better, so if you don’t mind slow overnight charging, go for it. Charging your phone with a computer or certain smart plugs can limit the amount of electricity that goes into your phone, decreasing its charge rate. Some external battery packs may even delay charging pace.

Don’t use your phone while charging

While your phone is charging, do not use it!
Avoid using the phone while it is charging in general. This is known as parasitic charging, and it appears that this type of usage can be quite harmful. Small levels of consumption load prevent the battery from entering a full charging cycle, causing the battery to be damaged.

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