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5 Best Email Signature Generators

Emails are an indispensable part of business communication and an email signature generator is here to improve their viability. Taking its help has a very positive impact on businesses’ paperwork handling and authenticity. 

This ultra-modern tool lets a business sign any email with full perfection and accuracy. Seeing the surging popularity and viability of this tool, many service providers have started offering it. 

This is where an end-user needs professional and unbiased guidance as not every email signature generator is capable of bringing ease and effortlessness in the email signing job while never compromising on the data security.

Well, we are offering a helping hand here with this rundown of the top five email signature generators that have gained enough name & fame across the globe. So, let’s get started. 

#1 – CocoSign

In the first place, CocoSign should be placed. This cloud-based email signature generator is suitable for everyone, small business, enterprise, skilled teams, or a beginner. It is an easy-to-use tool that has gained popularity at the global level. 

Its performance is flawless and this statement is backed-up with multiple awards that CocoSign has won to date. All in all, CocoSign is the wisest choice to make when a business needs to own a pocket-friendly yet super-efficient email signature generator tool. 

Here are some key qualities of CocoSign, the amazing tool that lets you create electronic signature with signature generator:

High-end Security

This is out of those rare email signature generators that never put data security at stake. It is backed with the world’s most advanced and modern security protocols and adheres to all the leading compliances including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc. 

Each of the email signs and related communication is layered with a 128-bit SSL layer of security and is well-encrypted which means no cyber world threat can cause harm to your business emails. 


100% Customization

CocoSign renders great signature customization ability to business owners. They can upload documents of multiple formats, add different sizes and texts, and control the sign sequence. 

Using CocoSign, you can create a sequence and allow the signee to sign in that sequence. At the same time, it allows the end-user to sign in parallel. 

Real-time Document Tracking

CocoSign allows you to do real-time document tracking and find out who all have signed the email/document. This feature is useful when one email has to be signed by multiple people. The quick tracking feature saves a huge deal of time and effort. 

G-suite Integration

CocoSign comes with in-built G-suite integration. Because of this integration, an end-user can create a digital signature directly via Google Docs, Google Sheet, and other Google-enabled tools. This integration makes things more simplified and un-hassled. 

Offline Capabilities

CocoSign is capable of working without an active internet connection. End-users can upload the desired documents on the website, save them as drafts, and process them later. 

Great Compatibility

CocoSign is compatible with all the leading platforms and imparts great flexibility in the email sign generation process. It is one of the most doable sign-on-the-go tools.  

#2 – DocuSign

It is hard to replace what DocuSign offers. But, as we promised in the beginning, we will tell you other options as well. 

So, after CocoSign, our vote goes to DocuSign. This digital signature generator has the ability to create signs on email from anywhere. It is easy to use and comes with zero fuss.  

Its system-generated signature is effortless and creates wet-ink like digital signatures. On the dashboard, you can see the live status of the signed documents and track them easily. The drag-and-drop tool makes the movements a piece of cake. 

While its performance is impressive on most of the fronts, it fails to offer security features as impressive as CocoSign. 

#3 – WiseStamp

Basically, WiseStamp is a Contract Management Platform that comes with an in-built electronic signature generator facility. More than emails, it is good to generate legally-binding contracts as it comes with plenty of contract templates.  

But, it does a decent job in generating electronic signatures. 

The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use and works from anywhere. Multiple file formats are supported by this email signature generator. But, its high-price can be a major drawback when a small business is considering it. 

Cost-wise, it is hard to beat CocoSign as it offers one free account and 14-days free trial facilities. 

#4 – Signature Maker

Up next on the list is Signature Maker. Like CocoSign, this is an online signature generator tool and lets businesses process digital signatures at zero hassle. It has an ultra-modern upload-sign-send technology that can process multiple digital signatures easily. 

As it is well-integrated with multiple third-party apps like Google Apps and Zapier, the entire process is simplified, quick, and error-free. The multi-level automation saves a huge deal of time and effort. 

Not only this, it offers a responsive API for advanced integration customization. 

#5 – Eversign

Eversign is our last pick. This online signature maker helps businesses of all sorts to process email signatures over the internet. 

The platform is secure enough to upload business-critical documents but can’t compete with CocoSign. Yet it has been trusted by many businesses as it is a well-monitored platform. 

To use this tool, there is no download and installation. You can upload the document over the website, process it there, and download it for future use. No prior technical experience and expertise are needed to use this tool. 

The existing device and browser are good enough to bring it into action. While it is a good choice to make, it fails to impress us on the signature customization front. 

Wrapping up

A digital email signature generator is one tool that will make paperwork handling in a business ecosystem a risk-free, quick, and error-free job. But, you need to own a reliable tool for this job. 

We just talked about five hand-picked options. While each option is wonderful, we never found anyone as effective as CocoSign. With military-grade security encryption and high-end customization, it is definitely the best choice. 

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