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What Happens When A Domain Name Expires?

The Domain Name is one of the most important aspects of your website. Whether you are launching an eCommerce site or a simple blog, you need a domain name. It makes a part of your online presence. Not just that, but it is also the first impression that you have on your visitors.

It is safe to say that your domain is the address of your website. It’s what people type when they want to find you online.

When you are buying a domain name, you are renting it from a registrar. You can have the domain name as long as you continue to pay for it. But if you fail to pay or renew your domain name, it can be snatched away from you by someone else.

So what occurs when a Domain Name expires? In this article, we will cover all that you need to know about the domain expiry date.

What Happens to your Domain Name when it Expires?
If you are new to the online business scene, you would want to know what happens to an expired domain.

It needs to be renew from time to time, or else you may lose its possession. When the expiry of your [domain name] comes near, you will receive a bunch of automated emails and other notifications, so that you can renew it on time.

If you successfully renew your [domain name] before its expiry date, it will remain yours. In other words, you can endure to use it for your website. However, if you fail to renew it before time, you will be given a grading period by your registrar. You are required to renew your [domain name] within this grace period.

The grace period typically lasts for a month or 30 days. If you renew it within this timeframe, the domain name will remain yours. Also, you don’t have to pay any extra fees.

However, if you let your [domain name] lapse, it will get deactivated. In this case, your site will be replace with a park package. After the 30-day grace period, if your [domain name] is not renewed, your registrar will save the domain name for you and give you another 30 days to renew it. This period is a hold status.

Once your name enters the hold status, the registrar will try to auction it off. If the [domain name] is bought by someone else, they will have to wait for 30 days before they can use it for their site.

If you renew your name during the hold status, you can have it back without any hassles. But if you fail to pay, the [domain name] will be sold off to the highest bidder.

This is why you would always keep a track of your domain expiry day. Find out when a domain expires using a domain expiry date checker

Now that you know the consequences of an expired domain name make sure you renew it on time. It is important to keep your site alive.

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