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Digital Technology – what is it, how Effective it is, and what should we Consider?


By digital technology, we understand the use of computer-assisted strategies and by technologies that promote learning in schools. The methodologies used in this area are very diverse, but generally involve:

  • Technology for students, in which students use programs or applications designed for problem-solving and open learning.
  • Digital Technology for teachers, such as interactive, useful whiteboards or learning platforms.

How Digital Technology is Effective?

Studies consistently reveal that digital technology is associate with moderate academic achievement: on average, further progress of four months. However, considerable variations in impact are observes.

Research suggests that technological methodologies should be use to complement other teaching activities, rather than to replace more traditional methodologies. Certain technologies are unlikely to lead to direct changes in learning, although some may allow for changes in teaching and learning processes. For example, they can help teachers generate more effective feedback or use more useful representations or motivate them to practice more.

Studies suggest that methodologies that individualize learning with technology (such as using an individual laptop with which students complete learning activities at their own pace or the individual use of exercise and practice software) may not be as successful. Useful as small group learning with technology or collaborative use of technology.

There is clear evidence that methodologies focus on digital technology are more beneficial for the practice of writing and mathematics than for spelling and problem-solving. There is some more evidence that they are more useful and effective with younger students.

How Reliable is the Evidence?

There is numerous evidence of positive effects in all age groups and most curricular areas. However, the diversity of effects and available technologies suggests that it is always important to monitor the impact any new methodology has on learning.

The pace of technological change implies that evidence often refers to past technology rather than current technology. The median effects have long remained unchanged, suggesting that the overall message of positive effects is likely to moderate, on average, remain relevant.


The total cost of using digital technologies, including all hardware, can be high, but most centers are already equipped with hardware, such as all computers and useful interactive whiteboards.

Pedagogical strategies regarding the use of digital technology often require additional training and support for teachers.

Essential to ensure that the technologies are in use correctly, and progress in learning is associate.

The average cost for a program should, therefore, cover equipment, technical support, and professional support and development. Costs are estimated to be moderate.

What must be Digital Technology Consider?

Before implementing this strategy in an educational setting, the following should be considered:

The viable utilization of advanced innovation is drive as learning and showing destinations is oppose to by explicit innovation: technology never ends in itself. You should be clear about how new technology will improve teaching and learning processes.

New technologies do not automatically lead to improved school performance.

How can new technology help students to work harder, for longer, or work more efficiently to improve their learning?

Motivating students to use technology does not always translate into more effective learning, especially if they use technology, and the desired learning outcomes are not in close agreement.

Teachers need help and time to learn to use new technologies effectively. This process involves much more than learning how to use hardware or software. Training should also help teachers understand how technology can be used to benefit learning.

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