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Custom Landing Page: Why You Need One from a Digital Marketing Agency?

A custom landing page is a specific page on your website that aims to send your visitors to your sales funnel. As the term suggests, people who click on your ad will “land” on this page. They are not there by mistake, so you better make a good impression for them to convert.

If you do not have one now, maybe you should contact a digital marketing agency to create a custom landing page for your business. Chances are, your competitors are already adopting this marketing tool to convert the website visitors into leads.

According to data, nearly 7 in 10 businesses are already using landing pages after recognizing its many benefits.

But a custom landing page is even more specific. By design, the page is devoid of all pretense as it makes its intentions clear. The customer will either register in exchange for an offer or input their personal details to buy something.

For instance, a homepage with a form on it does not count as a custom landing page since the visitor can theoretically ignore it and do other things on your website.

Here are some of the benefits of putting a custom landing page on your website:

  1. The potential customer will not be distracted by the other contents on your homepage. As a result, they will be forced to zero in on your offer. When they click on the ad, they pretty much know what they are expecting. So, you want to cut the interference and go straight to the point. Now is not the time to dazzle them with how excellent your brand is; the time for persuading is long past. if they are on your custom landing page, they are ready to buy.
  2. Landing pages are designed to generate conversions. There is no way around it, they exist to help create more leads and boost your traffic and sales. But you need to state your unique selling proposition outright to avoid confusion. You must also display your Call-to-Action prominently so that your customer will know what to do. While customers may have accidentally clicked on your ad, your landing page must convince them to stay.
  3. Custom landing pages are an excellent way to introduce a new product or service. For instance, you can use a landing page to provide a sneak peek at what you are working on. You tease your customers with a future launch date displayed prominently on your site. You can also ask them to subscribe to your email group so they can get a reminder about the product release.
  4. You can also use the custom landing page to aggregate data and insights. You can also use the custom landing page to aggregate data and insights. The digital marketing agency can use these to craft a more efficient strategy for your business. The collection of data can be passive or active. For instance, you will see which landing pages generate more activity, which will give you a glimpse of your ad effectiveness. It can also be active when customers fill in their details on the form you provided on the page. The information will then go straight to your database, which you can parse later on for a more accurate customer profile.

As you can see, the custom landing page is a small tweak on your business website that will yield exponential returns. A digital marketing agency worth its salt can quickly create one for you, which means you are a step away from boosting your traffic and conversion.

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