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Creative Blog Ideas for a Travel Agency

Customers are increasingly becoming savvy about traveling as the variety of content on the internet increases. As a travel agency or company, you must stand out from the rest and be the source of valuable information to your targeted customers. Get a head start in this race, and make a creative, engaging and authoritative blog page on your company’s website.

Why is a blog important for a website?

It is only recently that brands have started to pay more attention to blogs on their website, and are actually investing time and effort into these.

Here is how good quality blogs help a brand’s website and overall reach:

  • Improved SEO

Websites are constantly fighting to get the highest rank than their competition. Search engines have become a very important platform for customers and users to discover brands in a matter of seconds. If your presence on these search engines is not visible enough, your chances of getting noticed online are very less.

With powerful SEO, brands ensure that their website shows up on higher ranks of search results. Blogs on websites make this dream come true efficiently. People use keywords and strategize their content in such a manner that it becomes SEO-friendly. You can work on your choice of topics, keyword research, structure of content and language/style of writing to increase the SEO.

  • Spark interest in your customers

Blogs are known for providing websites with higher lead conversion raters. This is because when a brand’s potential customers come across interesting content, they gain more interest in a brand. Blogs are a way of communication between a brand and its customers, as they comment, like, share and even learn from each blog. You can add features like Call To Actions, backlinks and images/videos to take your readers to your company’s actual services page.

For example, you can create a CTA for your customers to contact your “24/7 service for inquiring about budget-friendly travel packages to XYZ destination.” This way you are marketing your efficient customer support team, taking customer to an actual product/service and encouraging them to act upon the knowledge you just shared with them through the blog.

  • Become credible and authoritative

Any brand must gain credibility and authority in any industry in order to be successful. A blog does that for any brand’s website. When you post informative, factual or valuable content regarding the industry on your blog, readers find you credible and hold your content in high regard. They can count on your for information about anything in the industry you are working on.

Consequently, they are also going to be more confident in your product or service. Another benefit of becoming credible through your blog is that your customers or potential customers will keep coming back to your blog for more interesting content. They will use your FAQ blogs or posts about specific destinations to learn more, resultantly generating more traffic on your website.

Blog ideas for travel agency

  • Travel checklists

There is always someone out there making lists of things to pack, things to do and errands to run before and during their travel. Even if two people are travelling, one of them will always have a checklist with them. Travel checklists have always been crucial. As a travel agency running a user-friendly blog with the aim of providing valuable content to its readers, make travel checklists.

You can take several approaches here. Do not go for boring, literal checklists. Rather, come up with interesting imagery, unique and creative titles and alternate ways to write simple things like “carry a first-aid kit!”. Your checklists can be specific to any one destination or activity, or can have a generic approach.

Example: Must-have items if you are going camping.

  • Activity-specific

You need to target and focus your content more on various activities and “things-to-do” for travelers in different places. People are always watching other people sky dive and go scuba diving on their TV service by Mediacom customer service and streaming platforms. There are films and even reality TV shows that show viewers a bunch of unique things in different parts of the world. Eventually, people wish to see some of that action live, or even participate more in it. However, due to lack of guidance and information, many people cannot get a chance to indulge in such activities.

You can create multiple blogs that are activity-specific. So, you can dedicate one whole blog to scuba diving, the best places/destinations for scuba diving and tips for first timers. There are other sports and fun activities, like camping, luxurious hoteling, beaches, jumping from heights and much that you can generate a bunch of blogs on.

Example: Amazing outdoor activities to do in Bali!

  • Destination-specific

Sometimes people have the budget and all other means to travel, but they can’t pick one destination. Apart from basic go-to list such as Paris and Rome, there is a whole lot of other destinations that you can encourage your customers to see. By creating blogs on specific destinations that are unique and not so common, you can give cool and stand-out ideas to your potential customers. They will come to you for packages and more information eventually!

Your destination-specific blogs can be either based on categories, such as writing on unique islands or best luxury spots. You can also make destination-specific blogs based on different continents.

Example: Best countries to visit for wildlife lovers!

  • Targeting various types of customers

Travel is for everyone. You should not create blog posts that are only meant for, or are interesting for a particular kind of clientele. With through market research, identify the various kinds of customers you wish to target, and identify segments within the market. Then, plan your blog posts in such a manner that you have a variety of topics targeting different customer needs.

Your blog topics can be about traveling with family and kids, target audiences who are looking for travel packages for honeymoons, as well as specific topics that only revolve around high-end and luxurious vacation seekers.

Example: Best budget-friendly destinations to visit in Europe!

Final Thoughts

Remember to keep your blog posts engaging and interactive. They should add some value to your audience’s traveling experience, so that they feel more personalized with your agency. And remember, other than the content itself, extra additions like images, videos, backlinks, and CTAs can do wonders for your SEO.

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