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Essential Reasons to Convert your MS Word Files to PDF

With more and more people working at home, the range of internet tools has become more comprehensive. The need for more resources has driven people to look for better online tools.

Tech companies have answered the market need to answer the demand. Security is another concern about why file conversion is trendy.

Converting your documents to several formats ensures their safety. It is also one way of creating a safer backup copy than traditionally storing the same file format on several mediums.

Using PDF Bear To Convert Soc To PDF

  • Converting doc to pdf presents many advantages. PDF Bear is the leading PDF tool online. Because the conversion takes place online, you free your computer of space and processes.
  • If you don’t know yet, the process of converting files takes disk space and processor power. Thus, this usually happens when the tool itself is installed on your computer. PDF Bear takes that burden away with its cloud processing technique.
  • It is faster and more secure because files are encrypted, and you are the only person who has access to them.
  • When a serious issue occurs, then your files are safe. So what are these issues that you need to take note of? And what makes converting MS Word to doc using PDF Bear is the best thing to do?

It Aims To Protect Your Files

  • MS Word docs can be edited or altered, which is a known fact when it comes to word processing.
  • Legal documents are more vulnerable and therefore need protection. Hence, this also applies to research or business documents. By converting your text into its PDF version, no one can alter it.
  • You can also add protection to your PDF document as ‘read-only’ to ensure no one copies them. Thus, this even applies to manuscripts like novels, short stories, or screenplay.
  • Anything that handles huge amounts of words need to be protected from alteration. In cases of graphs or illustrations, things happen when you export a file into another format.
  • For example, when you export an MS Word document into Apple Pages, things like lines or word spaces can alter.
  • This phenomenon can occur in a group project where people collaborate using different kinds of computers. With PDF format, no such issues can occur.

PDF Files Can Be Opened Anywhere

  • Let’s face it. MS Word files need Word to open them. Without the right program, your documents cannot be rendered or read.
  • PDF files can be read even using mobile computers. The PDF version retains the same characteristic or format as the original file.
  • Therefore, you get more productivity done when you convert doc to pdf in the long run. PDF files also retain the crisp images of the original presentation.
  • This condition in rendering is crucial when you are dealing with graphs or statistical data. Having a pdf version of your report gives you ease and productivity.

Advantages of Using PDF Bear Pro with Your Doc Files

  • PDF Bear pro lets you store your converted files on the cloud. They are encrypted, so there is no danger of someone getting into your files.
  • They will remain there for as long as you want. Having the pro version also lets you upload or download multiple conversions of your doc files. Some doc files deal with images, and they can take a lot of space.
  • This is not an issue with PDF Bear because the pro version lets you upload multiple batches of files with varying sizes. You, you get more job done compared to other conversion tools out there.
  • PDF Bear pro also offers customer and tech support.
  • Thus, if ever you will run into an issue with what you are working on, you can always ask for assistance.
  • If you think this is not a concern, wait until you start working on corporate files and other serious documents. You will be glad you switched for your peace of mind.
  • Our computers have limited storage space or processing power. When we start working on many tasks at the same time, we will notice a change in speed.
  • This is because your computer is using a lot of RAM and processor power to complete your task. Having PDF Bear will let the cloud handle the extra work for you.
  • This means that any processing work happens on the cloud and not on your machine. This will free you of additional RAM.

Steps in Converting Doc To PDF with PDF Bear

The steps are straightforward and straightforward. All you need is a working computer, a browser, and a good internet connection.

  • You can go to the PDF Bear site by doing a Google search, or if you have the link, you can type it and click enter.
  • The leading PDF Bear site will open with tools that you can choose from. Choose “Word to PDF” as your conversion tool.
  • You can upload as many MS Word docs as you want. The tool will scan your documents before uploading them to the database – converting your documents to pdf.
  • Once converted, you can now download the finished product to your computer or share it with DropBox.

Conversion to many file formats has never been so easy. PDF Bear should be part of your browser tool for easy conversion. This method will save you time and boost your productivity. Note also that PDF Bear pro offers more functionalities and is free of ads.

References: The Digital Trendz

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