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5 Best B2B Sales Prospecting Tools

B2B marketing isn’t an easy job; that’s why sales staff need advanced prospecting tools to help them with their business branding. Over 40% of sales teams say that B2B prospecting is one of the hardest tasks they have. When you invest in B2B prospecting tools, they will allow you to reach out to your prospects.

There are several B2B prospecting software applications available on the market today. But here are the top 5 best B2B sales tools that will simplify your prospecting tasks and bring you good results within the shortest possible time.

Troparé Prospector (t-Prospector)

Troparé’s t-Prospector helps your business locate and connect with promising sales prospects within seconds. With this top best sales prospecting tool, you can instantly access millions of business records and track down your targets. Troparé Inc. offers B2B sales prospecting tools for business owners who want to hunt for new partners, generate leads, and engage with qualified prospects on a daily basis.

Sign up for t-Prospector to optimize your sales processes with relevant insights within your reach. Thanks to Troparé Prospector, thousands of sales staff can now boast in-depth knowledge of their prospects. Stay ahead of your competitors by using this tool to gather vast volumes of sales intelligence data.


AeroLeads also ranks among the popular B2B sales prospecting tools for entrepreneurs in 2021. It allows you to build an updated email list for your marketing and sales purposes. AeroLeads sales prospecting software has a free trial version that offers you 10 credits to browse for your potential prospects. Discover LinkedIn business emails and contacts, and get up to 15 data points such as names, job titles, locations, and other essential business information.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

As one of the most popular business-oriented social networking sites, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a vital tool for sales professionals across the world. The platform is rich in business data for millions of users across the globe. Since there is a good chance that a vast majority of your target audience is available on LinkedIn, investing in Sales Navigator could be a good idea. Navigator allows B2B sales personnel to discover their prospects using advanced search features and filters.

Active Campaign

This is one of the most reliable email marketing automation programs for B2B marketers in 2021 and beyond. Active Campaign sales prospecting software empowers you with email marketing, customer relationship management, marketing automation, and other B2B tools that you need to enhance your lead generation. Automation of task lists, dashboards, workflows, and alerts also helps you to stay up-to-date with all transactions by Customize Customize Real Estate CRM Automation Tool Automation Tool.

The platform stores all your customer information in one place, and allows you to manage your pipelines. Follow your prospects and update business deals with Active Campaign. It has a friendly user interface to guarantee you seamless campaign segmentation.


It’s a visitor-monitoring tool that assists you to visualize which companies visit your business website. With HotJar’s prospecting tool, you will be able to better understand your prospects’ interests and link up with them for further discussion. HotJar is designed to help marketers track their customer satisfaction levels.



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