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What is Augmented Reality? – 7 Best Augmented Reality Games

An Augmented reality is a technology that has been around for a while. Although it has only recently begun to expand among mobile phone users, thanks to applications such as Pokemon GO and other augmented reality games. The future of this sensational way of playing Video games can not be other than wonderful.

Beyond Pokemon GO, which, as we cited, is the point from where AR in games began to be used massively. There are many augmented reality games that can be as addictive and good as this one. However, gold is not always what shines. In this article, we have selected the best-augmented reality games that we can find on the market.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, also known as “RA,” basically augmented reality is a technology that mixes elements of real life that we see with our eyes with data from sensors located in various devices that can be helmets, glasses, or a simple, smartphone.

Through this method, an environment can achieve where the elements we see are mix with data. Which can offer us a much more complete panorama of what we are seeing. Since, for example, when observing a building, the augmented reality system. It may be showing us data such as height, number of floors, and the exact location, in addition to its history.

All these data that [augmented reality] can provide us make it ideal for joining it to the dynamics of a game, achieving impressive results, such as those that we can see in Pokémon GO, the best known of augmented reality games.

7 Best Augmented Reality Games

We mentioned above in this article that there are dozens of games and applications of augmented reality ready to use on our cell phone, provided that it has a gyroscope. However, these games do not always offer high-quality standards. As there may be developers who take advantage of the profitability and exposure of augmented reality technology, creating low-quality products.

Of course, these types of RA applications are not the only ones, since there are developers who take things seriously and create excellent virtual reality games and apps with high levels of quality.

From this point, we will know the best-augmented reality games that we can find in the app stores.

#1. AR Invaders

Basically, the objective of this augmented reality game is to try to shoot down as many alien spaceships, with which we will achieve ever-higher scores. For this, he uses the cell phone camera. The game is delightful and not boring.

It has multiplayer support and is available for both Android and iOS.

#2. Droid Shooting

Droid Shooting is one of the first Augmented Reality games that appeared for the Android platform. Although it has not received updates for a long time, it is one of the most popular and exciting augmented reality games that we can find on Google Play.

Basically, the objective of Droid Shooting is to eliminate the most significant number of androids in a certain time, using radar and the camera of our cell phone.

#3. Clandestine Anomaly

This fantastic virtual reality game mixes the concepts of strategic warfare with the theme of alien invasions, the objective, of course, being to defend Earth from this danger.

In order to create the level scenarios and locate ourselves on the map. In order to defend our neighborhood, the game uses the GPS sensor and the camera of our cell phone. Without a doubt, interesting and fun. This RA game is available for Android and iOS.

#4. X-Tactics

Another [augmented reality] game that uses the GPS sensor to locate us in the levels and key points of the game. The objective of this augmented reality game is to complete the quest calls in search of “loot,” both individually and as a team. It should be noted that this [augmented reality] game is available for both Android and iOS.

#5. Parallel Kingdom

An interesting fact about the Parallel Kingdom is that before Pokemon Go hit the market. It was one of the most popular Augmented Reality games on the market. Basically, Parallel Kingdom is a game in which we will have to hunt monsters and other creatures in order to conquer the territory of our enemy. All through the camera and the GPS of the cell phone. Without a doubt, one of the interesting [augmented reality] games mentioned in this article. The parallel Kingdom is available for Android and iOS.

#6. Ingress

This is one of the oldest augmented reality games and which was also developed by the group of engineers responsible for the highly successful Pokémon GO. Today it is one of the most popular RA games and also one of the most attractive. The major objective of the game is for different groups or groups to claim ownership of places of interest, such as historic buildings, squares, monuments, and others.

Ingress at the time was highly controversial since, according to accounts, members of the different teams used to set up real traps so that their opponents could not claim ownership of a certain point of interest. This [augmented reality] game is available for Android and iOS.

#7. SpecTrek

Perhaps the simplest augmented reality game we mentioned in this article. However, it is also one of the majority fun and easy to use. The game basically uses the GPS of the cell phone to position ghosts near our location. And then to eliminate them, use the camera.

One of the most interesting features of SpecTrek is that it gives us very accurate statistics of our movements. Which can be very useful if we are passionate about hiking.

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