5 Ways to Boost Your Call Center’s Quality Assurance

The key to improving your call center’s quality assurance (QA) is to use software to guide agents and score the calls. Doing so will give you keen insights about what works and does not work when you communicate with customers.

When you’re  in charge of a call center, nothing is cut-and-dried. Different customers have different needs, so you have to make sure you offer agents the software needed to support your customer service functions.

Call Center Quality Assurance: How Real-Time Software Can Make a Big Difference

To improve call center quality assurance, you need to use software that will back your efforts toward retention, sales, and communications. The following information details how you can use real-time software to boost your QA performance during call center activities.

1. Improve Call Volume and Quality with a Checklist and Prompts

You can implement a software program to increase your call volume and quality by using a checklist to improve rep and customer communications. The software includes prompts that allow agents to use specific statements at just the right time. Through the software’s dashboard, managers can quickly find out what activities are driving call quality.

2. Communicate More Positively with Customers

If you want to improve quality assurance, you don’t want to tell a customer that he or she cannot do something. This type of statement will only discourage the caller and cause them to end the call. Instead, you need to tell them what they can do, based on their information. A software that features real-time coaching allows managers to intervene positively so a customer stays on the call.

3. Receive Real Time QA Data and Stats

You can use real time QA software to score all of your calls quickly and conveniently. This feature allows agents to see how they’re doing in real time. Scorecards permit managers to provide scoring guidelines with a mere click of a tab.

4. Use Sticky Notes for Updates on Products

When using QA software, you can also use sticky notes – provided to agents so they can stay current on products. With these helpful reminders, agents can stay on track and communicate with more confidence.

Agents won’t place customers on hold while looking up product info and therefore call volumes will increase along with customer satisfaction.

5. Employ Win Rate Analyses

You can also use a QA cloud-based program to figure out what statements work with respect to win rates. These statements are figured in percentages. For example, your analyses may show that it is more helpful, based on the ratios, to reference a product and its benefits over what the customer is willing to spend. This helpful insight will keep your QA scores high.

The Right Software Can Drastically Change How You Communicate

Do you want to improve your QA ranking? If so, find out how today’s software can make a difference in how you succeed with your customers over the phone and online. By using the current technology, you can scale your QA needs reliably and profitably.

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