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10 Questions a Vehicle History Report Can Help You Answer

Every car lover understands the value of proper research before buying a used car. Accessing a vehicle history report is helpful in many other scenarios as it lets you know everything about a vehicle. However, can you access some hidden details of a vehicle through its history report? We will learn about the same in this article.

Today, we are going to cover 10 questions that you can answer by accessing the history report of a vehicle. Usually, this information is enough to decide between buying a used car.

So, let’s begin with the first and the most common question you can answer with this report.

Question1: Are there any Accident Records of this Car?

Most buyers stay away from vehicles with accident history. However, dealers try to hide this information from the buyers to make a smooth deal. In such cases, you can easily answer this question by accessing the accident records of the vehicle through its history. 

The process is quite easy as you just need to use a VIN decoder to access the information. Having a good VIN decoder makes your work easier by providing direct access to the history reports. 

So, you can now easily answer this question to find the accident records of any vehicle before finalizing the deal.

Question2: Are Service Records of a Vehicle Public?

When you access the historical records of a vehicle, you will realize that the service records are always public. It means anyone with access to the VIN has access to its records as well. That is why anyone with basic knowledge can easily find out if the vehicle received proper maintenance or not.

It becomes crucial to check these records while buying a used car as it gives you an idea of the vehicle’s current condition.

Question3: Is there a Pending Case on the Vehicle?

The best part of running a VIN check on a vehicle is you can protect yourself from buying a vehicle with a criminal history. Accessing a vehicle’s history will help you check all the legal problems with the vehicle. Thus, if you always worry about pending cases, the history report will answer it for you.

For a better and in-depth report, we recommend using a trusted VIN decoder that lets you check the history report of a vehicle.

Question4: Is my Vehicle Blacklisted for some reason?

Not sure if your vehicle is blacklisted? Access its history report and answer the question within a few minutes. All you need is to find the VIN on the dashboard of your vehicle and use a VIN decoder to access this report. There you will need all the tickets associated with your vehicle and the blacklist issues as well. 

However, it is important to understand that the data may take some time to update to the server. Thus, it is better to keep checking these records every once in a while.

Question5: What is the loan status of my vehicle?

If you bought a used vehicle from someone, you might not be aware of its loan status. However, the history report makes it easier to check all the pending payments of the vehicle online. It will also show you if the previous owner has delayed any payments of the vehicle. 

That is why it is always an excellent way to keep yourself away from such problems.

Questions6: What’s my Vehicle’s Insurance Status?

If you find it challenging to stay updated with your vehicle’s insurance status, you can access it easily from the same report. All you need is to access the history report and check the insurance section. This section covers all the details most easily.

Also, it lets you check the insurance history to find out if there were any claims on damage or loss to property.

Question7: How to Know If the person is the best owner of a vehicle?

Some people claim to be the first owner of a vehicle just to make the deal look better. However, there’s no guarantee as some resellers can easily trick you into buying some old vehicles. In such situations, you can check the history report and access the owner’s column. In this column, you can find out about all the owners who have ever owned that vehicle.

Question8: Are My Vehicle Spare Parts Original?

A vehicle history report lets you access the service records of your vehicle. However, it is not limited to the service records as you can also check if the parts in your vehicle are original or replaced. For this, you need to check the vehicle history to find the original VIN and then you can compare it to the one on the spare parts.

This way, you can easily verify the authenticity of your vehicle’s parts.

Question9: Can Car Manufacturers recall a Vehicle?

When you access the car history records for the first time, you realize that manufacturers can recall a vehicle. They do it to ensure there is no damage to a property due to a faulty vehicle. In such cases, they recall the vehicle for safety purposes.

The owner can also request a recall by communicating a safety thread with the vehicle manufacturer.

Question10: Is my Car Dealer Hiding any Details about a Vehicle?

Do you always feel like your car dealer is not completely honest with you? Well, you no longer need to worry about it. Checking the vehicle history report makes it easier to access all the facts about a vehicle. This way, you can do proper research before buying a car.

It is important because most dealers hide the details to make a sale. Thus, you should always check this data to protect yourself from unfair trade.

Final Words

Using a VIN decoder to access the historical records of a vehicle is a great way to buy or sell a vehicle like a pro. What’s more important is to carefully understand the history before the trade. For this, you need to use a reliable VIN decoder that can pull up all the details of a vehicle within a few seconds.

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